Oakview Juvenile Residential Center

Oakview Juvenile Residential Center

Medical Services

Upon admission, youth are screened to ensure that they do not have lice, any infestations, bruises, or other medical concerns that require immediate attention. OJRC's Registered Nurse will administer a health screening within five days of the youth's initial intake. Youth will also receive a physical examination by a licensed Medical Physician within 14 calendar days of arrival.

Resident will receive a daily well-balanced meal. Special dietary needs will be assessed and scheduled by Oakview’s Nurse. Menu plan requirements will be established through Dietician Jeannie Swinehart of the Ohio Department of Youth Services.

Youth will receive all required immunizations at the Belmont County Health Department within five days of intake (i.e. TB testing, Hepatitis B series, TD booster, MMR series, etc.).

Youth will receive a hearing and optical exam from a licensed Medical Physician. This assessment will take place within 30 calendar days of intake.

Youth will receive a cleaning and exam from a licensed Dentist. This assessment will take place within 30 calendar days of intake.

Special needs will be dealt with on an individual basis in accordance with OJRC's policies and procedures.

Most medical costs are covered by Medicaid. Any costs not covered by Medicaid or insurance will be the responsibility of the youth's parent/guardian or placing agency.