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What is PREA?

  • Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) addresses the detection, elimination and prevention of sexual assault in community correctional facilities throughout Ohio,
  • PREA funds the development of national standards of compliance and accountability for juveniles in placement; and
  • PREA directs the collection and dissemination of information on the incidence of youth-on-youth sexual violence as well as staff sexual misconduct with youth in placement.

To whom does PREA apply?

PREA applies to all public and private institutions that house juvenile and/or adult offenders, male or female.

What is the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission?

PREA established a National Prison Rape Elimination Commission (NPREC) with nine members, appointed by both the President and Congress. The Commission’s primary mission is to carry out a comprehensive legal and factual study of the impact of prison rape in the United States. The Commission is charged with studying federal, state and local government policies and practices related to the prevention, detection, response and monitoring of sexual abuse in correction and detention facilities in the United States. The NPREC studies all types of sexual abuse affecting persons of any age who are in confinement in the U.S.

What is the evidence of the agency’s commitment to maintain a safe, humane and appropriately secure environment for youth?

OJRC is committed to providing safe, humane and appropriately secure environments for youth. All OJRC staff received specialized training to ensure that this occurs.

Standards of employee conduct have long included prohibitions against staff becoming inappropriately personally involved with youthful offenders. Employee disciplinary actions and referrals to law enforcement have been initiated where appropriate. When sufficient evidence exists, OJRC does not hesitate to remove that employee and to support criminal prosecution of that employee.

Third Party Reporting Form

You can complete the third party reporting form and email it to Misty at

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding PREA?

Questions regarding PREA may be referred to the Oakview PREA Coordinator, Misty Touville.

Phone: 740-695-3500  |  Email:

What are some additional resources?