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Mental Health Services

All youth are required to participate in mental health services through The Village Network - Brite Futures of St. Clairsville, Ohio, throughout the duration of their stay at OJRC. This includes the following:

Psychological Evaluation

Youth will receive a psychological evaluation within 60 calendar days of intake.
Youth will receive a psychiatric evaluation within 60 calendar days of intake.

Individual Counseling

Youth will participate in weekly individual counseling sessions in order to address problematic areas that may have contributed to their criminal behavior.

Group Counseling

All youth are required to participate in group counseling four times per week. Sessions use Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy techniques to address changing patterns of thinking, developing problem solving techniques, using assertive communication skills, improving social/interpersonal relations, as well as non-use coping skills.

Family Counseling

All parents are required to participate in family counseling sessions on a bi-weekly basis. In these sessions, the problems, concerns, and dynamics of the youth's family will be discussed. A parent's ability to discipline, resolve home conflicts, plan activities, and communicate with family members may be challenged in order to improve family relations. For families traveling long distances, an alternative counseling schedule will be arranged.

Parenting Skills Counseling

A twelve week parenting class is also offered at Tri-County Help Center in St. Clairsville, Ohio for those youth who are expecting a child or are already parents. The goal of the class is to enhance and increase parenting skills. Various topics covered include positive communication with children, setting appropriate boundaries and limits, handling parenting stressors, and assembling a collection of resources to use for additional assistance. Youth are presented with a certificate upon successful completion of the class.