Oakview Juvenile Residential Center | Visitation

Visitation and Communication

Effective communication between parents, child, and the facility is essential if treatment is to be effective. OJRC ensures that a youth and his family maintain contact through the following methods:


A resident may send and receive mail to his parents, legal guardians, or other parties approved by the Juvenile Court. OJRC will provide two postage stamps each week to any resident in need. Parents or guardians may provide additional stamps for residents wishing to send additional correspondence.


A youth may place unlimited telephone calls to his parents, legal guardians, or other parties approved by the Juvenile Court. All calls are collect and an approved party may set up a prepaid account through NCIC (online at www.ncic.com or by calling 1-800-943-2189).

Family Visits on Campus

Each family is expected to visit on campus once each week after the youth has reached level two status. This is in addition to the scheduled family counseling sessions. Family with special visitation needs can make arrangements through youth’s Case Manager. Visitors may not bring anything into the facility when visiting. This includes food, drinks, tobacco, or any other item considered contraband. Visitors are not permitted to use tobacco products on the grounds or in the building.

Home Passes

Youth are permitted off campus passes upon earning level three status. The length of each pass is determined not only by the youth's program level, but also by his progress in the facility, school, and counseling throughout the week. Passes create an opportunity for parents and residents to re-establish and improve their relationships through family activities and spending time together. All facility rules apply while a youth is on pass.

Restrictions may be placed on any of the above privileges if it is discovered that the rules and regulations of OJRC have been violated.