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Treatment Services

Upon admission, a comprehensive "wraparound" service/treatment plan will be developed for the youth by accessing various supports, resources, and services. The plan will address critical thinking errors, inappropriate behaviors, and other variables linked to the juvenile's delinquency. Each plan will construct ties with various community networks and service providers (i.e. family, school, businesses, counseling providers, organizations, etc.) in an attempt to introduce positive and law abiding coping skills and outlets for the residents.

The youth, parent/guardian, Treatment/Licensing Director, Mental Health Therapist, Case Manager, Registered Nurse, and Guardian Ad Litem (if applicable) must sign the plan. The original copy will be placed in the youth's permanent file and a copy will be forwarded to the individual or agency that placed the youth. Every 90 days this plan will be reviewed, revised, and distributed in accordance to Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and Ohio Department of Youth Services' standards.